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What it's like rowing for one of the oldest college boat clubs

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M1 2019 (including cox Harry) get in some core training before bumps

Crews are set at the start of each term, based on rowers' commitment, aims and training. Lower boats have 1-2 outings a week, with top crews having 5-6 a week during Easter term as well as weights training and ergs. Whether you're an experienced rower or a complete beginner, there's a place (and a boat) for everyone at Clare Boat Club.
Weekday sessions take place earlier in the morning to ensure people are back in time for 9am lectures, whilst outings on the weekends are later in the day. We do most of our training in 8+'s and 4+'s, although if you can scull you have full access to our fleet of smaller boats.


Ben (coxing rep 2017-18) coxing W1 in May bumps 2019

At Clare, we have had a history of great coxes that have experienced success at a college and a university level, and we would like to continue this going forward.
We welcome anyone who wants to try coxing, and ensure every cox at Clare gets onging support and coaching. For example, as part of ongoing development, we have a "buddy" system, where coxes get paired up and bank party each other's outings. We also have a dedicated coxing rep to address any concerns. Coxes are valued members of their crew also get presents every term at Boat Club Dinner.
We are always looking to recruit more coxes, so please don't hesitate to get in touch!


The newly refurbished boathouse gym, including free weights, a leg press, pullup bar and multigym. We offer weights inductions for new lifters.

We regularly race against other colleges in a variety of head races and regattas throughout the year. Michaelmas is spent training for The Fairbairn Cup (a head race on the Cam), with Lent and Easter terms leading up to the bumps (think bumper cars in rowing boats). We also regularly send top crews to HoRR and WeHoRR, as well Henley Royal Regatta.


Every member of CBC gets free access to our newly refurbished weights area, ergometers and the ability to book ergometers and small boats.


There are a wide range of social events all year round for members of Clare boat club. The main event each term is the Boat Club Dinner or BCD. All members of the club come together at BCD to celebrate the term of successful rowing with a 4 course meal in formal hall. Drinks are served throughout and speeches/presents are exchanged for coaches and coxes. An afterparty follows, usually the gatehouse or the MCR followed by Spoons or Cindies. It could be said that some people only row so they can go to BCD!

Aside from BCD, there’s a range of events throughout the year, beginning with the novice BBQ at the start of Michaelmas. Here’s an idea of some of the events you can expect:

  • Whole boat club and Mens/Womens side swaps with other boat clubs
  • Training camp restaurant trips
  • Quiz nights
  • Wine tasting
  • Charity fundraising
  • Bar crawls
  • And much more!

Mays BCD 2018; a four course meal in hall and the highlight of the CBC social calendar

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Rowing for the CBC is an exciting and rewarding opportunity, celebrating team spirit, dedication to a cause and the commitment of every single one of our members.
If you would like to share in a history of almost 200 years, represent your college and above all have fun, then join today!

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