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Lent Bumps 2020

Tuesday 25th - Saturday 29th February

Previous event: May Bumps

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Will Wood 2: Thomas Espås 3: Tom Van Oss 4: Matt Simpson 5: Pieter Sterenborg 6: Riccardo Conci 7: Josh Elias Stroke: Chase Antonacci Cox: Clement Chan

Day 1: Bumped by Magdalene, Day 2: Rowed Over, Day 3: Bumped Peterhouse, Day 4: Bumped Christ's

1st Women's VIII

Bow: Abby Glaze-Nelson 2: Jess Pemberton 3: Katie Veitch 4: Daphne Martin 5: Hannah Goodyear 6: Kira Williams 7: Victoria Lindley Stroke: Lottie Thompson Cox: Bryan Hwang

Day 1: Rowed Over, Day 2: Bumped FaT I, Day 3: Rowed Over, Day 4: Bumped by Churchill I

Katie Veitch reports:

The first day of bumps was a nervous one for W1. We hadn’t rowed for a week. We had not practiced the push-off procedure. We had seen Trinity Hall power past on our last outing in their very well-sat boat. It was predicted by everybody that we were in for a short race, ‘we’re rowing to Ditton’ they said, trying to bump Pembroke before Trinity Hall got us. Ben even said he would buy everyone a drink if we made it to the reach without being caught. However, after a somewhat shaky start, we proceeded to row unexpectedly well, gaining on Pembroke. Trinity Hall were approaching but we pushed on, past Ditton! We kept away from them, all the way up the reach. With every push they gave, we found new strength to get away. At the railway bridge, they gave it a big push and came scarily close, before catching a huge crab. We breezed away, completing an unexpected and frankly spectacular row-over.

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2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Alex Osbourne 2: Issei Kuzuki 3: Manfredi Aliberti 4: Sam Chapman/Sam Stephenson 5: Daniel Bode 6: tbc 7: Wulf Scouller Stroke: Sam Taylor Cox: Tom Quarrell

Day 1: Bumped by Queens' II. Day 2: Rowed over. Day 3: Bumped Downing II. Day 4: Row over as sandwich boat

Sam Chapman reports:

The second day of bumps brought yet another change in crew order and personnel but the weather provided good omens on the row down. As did a friendly doggo and some words of wisdom from an alumni evoking the spirit of 81'.

As the boom of the cannon sounded we pushed away from the chasing crew (Magdalene M2) and quickly gained a whistle on Queens' M2! Suddenly we found fresh energy in our legs as we held with Queens' and began to build a gap between ourselves and Magdalene. This pattern continued for the rest of the race, a gutsy row down the reach saw us well clear of Magdalene and, whilst Queens' remained elusive, we comfortably recorded the rowover.

We now enjoy a rest day and hope to get our first bump on the board come Friday #caveadsum

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2nd Women's VIII

Bow: Becca Testa 2: Beth Griffiths 3: Helena Taylor 4: Maura Monagan 5: Paola Velasco 6: Kirsty Borthwick 7: Eloise Trimingham Stroke: Magda Przybylak Cox: Cailin Dunsmuir

Day 1: Bumped by Corpus Christi I, Day 2: Bumped by Newnham II, Day 3: Bumped by Downing II, Day 4: Bumped by Queens II

3rd Women's VIII

Bow: Seal Llego/Casilda Muñoz 2: Megan Whiteley 3: Fiona Nugent 4: Eliza Rayner/Iona Bhatti/Sarah Hickman 5: Casilda Muñoz/Jasmine PankhaniaP 6: Philippa Slay 7: Yammi Yip Stroke: Clare Walsh Cox: Jung Hyun Shin

Day 1: Bumped Homerton II, Day 2: Bumped by Homerton II, Day 3: Bumped by Sidney Sussex II, Day 4: Bumped by Magdalene II

Philippa Slay reports:

Day 4:

We were all feeling pumped for our final day of bumps – we had a grand plan of going for the overbump (knowing that Sidney would catch Homerton pretty quickly). We had a great row down and executed our best practice start ever – things were looking good. When the time to race came we were ready. However, as we pushed off we managed to end up facing more towards the bank than down the course and within less than ten strokes we’d crashed and been bumped, much to the surprise of Magdalene behind us. With the race over before we’d even really began, we rowed home a fair distance at race pace anyway. It wasn’t the end of the bumps campaign we’d been aiming for but at least we’d had fun and possibly made history in the fastest time a Clare boat has ever been bumped (at least in the time that Euan has been here).

Day 3:

Very grateful to have avoided rowing in the snow yesterday we were all excited for another day racing. That said, we probably would have taken snow over the wet and windy and basically just very grim conditions that we were to race in today. We’d done the getting on race in similar conditions though so we knew we could cope. We rowed down to marshal and noticed the apparent lack on cannons as we came under the road bridge. It transpired the cannons had yet to arrive, so we had the very interesting experience of starting the race in utter silence. We had a good start and quickly gained on Homerton, getting to within three whistles, but sadly were bumped by Sidney Sussex before we were able to clinch the bump on Homerton.

Jasmine Pankhania reports:

Day 2:

Having bumped Homerton II the day before, we were chasing Clare Hall. We got off to a strong start but as we reached the motorway bridge began to lose power. This, combined with a small crash into Catz who had already been bumped, meant that Homerton were able to make significant gains on us. We were able to get back up to speed, but seeing that Clare Hall had bumped and that we would have to row over (something most of us didn’t particularly want to do) unless we were bumped, the boat again began to lose power. Homerton II bumped us more or less where we’d bumped them the day before.

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Philippa Slay reports:

Fiona Nugent reports:

Day 1:

Having been predicted by Rowbridge as the ‘saving grace of the club’, the pressure was on for our predominantly novice crew. A short crew meal was arranged for an hour before we were due at the boat house, as it was quite apparent that none of us novices actually knew what bumps was. Perhaps too much time was dedicated to our bewilderment that there would be a real life cannon !! , and not enough to discussing actual rowing and tactics, as shortly after we were off to quite a messy start. Regardless, we put all our power down and refrained from being bumped by Queens and tailed Homerton throughout the race. This went on for quite some time and Euan’s whistles were becoming quite disingenuous, so we decided to slow down and row at our own leisure. This was followed by a considerable degree of shouting from the bank party so we took the rate back up, much to own my surprise and somewhat disgust as I proceeded to recognise that the contents of the crew lunch was making a comeback. Like a true hero, and not wanting to lean over and consequently unbalance the boat, I made the executive decision swallow my pride and soldier on. With everyone else oblivious to the mishap, we powered on for the final 10 strokes and after what felt like FOREVER, caught Homerton at the gut.

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