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Robinson Head 2008

Friday 8th February

Previous event: Newnham Short Course - Following event: Bedford Eights and Fours Head

1st Women's VIII

Bow: LJ Michie, 2: Clare Sutherland, 3: Laura Cato, 4: M├írti Malaj, 5: Nicola Pocock, 6: Katie King, 7: Catherine Smith, Stroke: Alice McNamara, Cox: David Ponting

5th in W1 in 10 minutes 47 seconds

CJ Smith reports:


W1 had a GREAT race on Friday -- there were certainly some scrappy bits, but we had some really good bits as well. Most importantly, we proved to ourselves 2 things: first, we were able to turn scrappy rowing straight back into calm, powerful paddling on a call from our cox, and second, we have a LOT more power than we're using most of the time -- pushes worked great and showed us there's a lot of extra boat speed to tap into over the next few weeks!

Perhaps best of all, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, and our rows down and back were some of the best paddling we've done yet.

We're on our way, and have a great platform to improve from over the next 2 weeks until bumps!

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