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Cambridge Spring Head to Head 2013

Saturday 4th May

Previous event: Head of the Cam - Following event: Champs Eights Head

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Sean True, 2: Jordan Ward‑Williams, 3: Rob Norton, 4: Callum McKenzie, 5: Chensong Gao, 6: Ben Oseroff, 7: David Hardeman, Stroke: Jonathan Waite, Cox: Dominic Carr

12th with a time of 13:57 (6:35 and 7:22)

1st Women's VIII

Bow: Christina Pettit, 2: Clare Thakker, 3: Moos Peeters, 4: Rachel Boyd, 5: Kate Jernigan, 6: Annie Elkington, 7: Laura McCracken, Stroke: Ania Slotala, Cox: Ciara Murray

5th fastest W1

Moos Peeters reports:


With a scratch crew and the sun coming out, it was show time. We had a patchy and short warm-up, but felt quite ready to race. The building to the start was solid, and the first bit on the reach was good. Halfway down the reach, the wind and choppy water got the better of us and we tensed up and lost our rythm. We rowed better together around Ditton, but our rythm was still on and off. We made a good last push to the finish and had some time to catch our breath before the race back.

For the race back, we decided to focus mostly on our togetherness and setting up a solid rythm. This did not translate very well into the beginnig of the race; we got our rythm quite ok but the power was on and off. It wasn't untill the reach, when FaT started to gain on us, that we started fighting for it, together. We were flying.

All in all an ok race, with the most important point to take away from it being that if we can give such a push 3/4 into the race, we can work a damn lot harder during the the first bit as well!

Uploaded Sunday 5th May, 17:46


2nd Men's VIII