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St Neots Regatta 2013

Saturday 27th - Sunday 28th July

Previous event: Kingston Amateur Regatta - Following event: Peterborough Summer Regatta

Martyn Higson (Men's Single Scull A)

2nd in IM3 on Saturday (beat Shorten by 2.5l, Postlethwaite by 1.5l, beaten by Revell by 2.5l) lost IM3 quarter final on Sunday (beaten by Mitchell by 1l)

Martyn Higson reports:


Having only trained for a week after a 5-week break, I wasn't expecting to pull anything amazing out of the bag. I was sure of one thing goin gonto the start on Saturday, and that was that my start was fast. This meant that my plan was to hugely front load the race and hang on.

The first race proved me wrong and I went down on the start but put in a huge push for the last 400m to go from 2L down to 2.5L up on my opponent from St Neots.

The second race was similar, and I remained slightly ahead of my Yare opponent around the bend, then opened up to 1.5L on the final sprint.

Unfortunately, this lack of a start meant that I stood no chance in the final against Caius. I went down and kept falling further behind until I managed to match his speed for the last 500, already 2.5L down and rowing fairly scrappily. Losing by 2.5L over 1k against the Colquohouns winner isn't too bad...

On Sunday, I was drawn against Newark for the quarter final.They had lost to Caius in the semi the day before by 3L, so this was going to be close. Off the start, Newark pulled ahead, and my final sprint saw me reel in 1.5L to finish with my bowball overlapped with his stern. This sprint was at r47 and the whole race was r42-46. 100m and I may have had him. This was Newark's closest race all day and Mitchell went on to win the final.

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Martyn Higson / Christina Pettit (Mixed Double Scull B)

Lost IM3 quarter final (beaten by Bedford by 2l)

Christina Pettit (Women's Single Scull A)

Lost Nov quarter final (beaten by Leeds)