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Lowe Double Sculls 2017

Monday 24th April

Previous event: Radegund Mile - Following event: Fairbairn Junior Sculls

Jon Swain / Rosie Boxall (Mixed Double Scull A)

Lost to Caius (Casley-Langslow) by 18s

Jon Swain reports:


Just a couple mates racing in a causal double.

With two whole training sessions separated by about 4 months, we were understandably confident heading into the race. The mixed double sculls is obviously the most prestigious event in the small boats regatta, with mostly triallists making up a pretty stacked field. Our start was punchy, winding up to an estimated 63 spm, pushing onto a solid ~47 spm for the majority of the race.* The race was tidy, a bit wide around the corners (my bad) and a couple of times Rosie cracked out her "boat-race special" of leaving the blade underwater during the recovery. A big push down the reach and we were across the line, a decent race, but sadly 18s slower than the other double.

*Some details of this race may be slightly exaggerated.

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