Clare Novices' Regatta - 2014 draw

Men's Cup

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Top crews on meadow station. Bottom crews on towpath station. Winning crews in bold

1st round2nd roundQuarter-finalSemi-finalFinalWinner
Christ's AChrist's ASelwyn ALady Margaret ALady Margaret AFirst and Third A
Race 5A
King's A
Race 7A
Selwyn ASelwyn A
Race 5B
Wolfson A
Race 9A
Scratched crewLady Margaret ALady Margaret A
Race 5C
Lady Margaret A
Race 7B
First and Third BFirst and Third B
Race 5D
Scratched crew
Race 11A
Scratched crewScratched crewScratched crewScratched crew
Race 4A
Hughes Hall A
Race 7C
St. Catharines ASt. Catharines A
Race 4B
Scratched crew
Race 9B
Fitzwilliam AEmmanuel ACaius A
Race 4C
Emmanuel A
Race 7D
Pembroke ACaius A
Race 4D
Caius A
Race 12D
St. Edmunds ASt. Edmunds ASt. Edmunds AJesus AFirst and Third A
Race 4E
Peterhouse A
Race 7E
 Homerton A
Race 9C
 Jesus AJesus A
Race 7F
 Robinson A
Race 11B
 Queens' AFirst and Third AFirst and Third A
Race 7G
 First and Third A
Race 9D
 Churchill ADarwin A
Race 7H
 Darwin A