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Newnham Short Course 2010

Saturday 30th January

Previous event: Cambridge Winter Head to Head - Following event: Peterborough Head of the Nene

2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Mike Hook, 2: Matt Causier, 3: Rob Norton, 4: Adam Durant, 5: James Frake, 6: Phil Richman, 7: Matt Howard, Stroke: James Marshall, Cox: Rebecca Chamberlin

5th/13 2nd VIIIs in 6 mins 48 secs

Matthew Howard reports:


Good race, and good result! Lots of power going into the water with promising rhythm in many parts. The rate came pretty much straight up at the start to race level. and stayed there. The few wobbles were recovered convincingly. Aim to sustain that definite rhythm while being calm up the slide will give great results in rowing to come! It's looking good boys!

Uploaded Saturday 30th January, 18:18


2nd Women's VIII

Bow: Denys Zhuo, 2: Clare Thakker, 3: Claire Brochand, 4: Hester Davies, 5: Becky Fogg, 6: Rachel Boyd, 7: Charlotte Pope, Stroke: Franziska Lautenschlaeger, Cox: Paulina Kolasinska‑Zwierz

6th/8 Women's 2nd VIIIs in 8 mins 22 secs

Alice McNamara reports:


A good first race of the term. The stream was pretty strong today and everyone's times were on average slow, so a wee bit of calculating on my part suggests that the time was pretty comparable to last year's W2, taking into account conditions. There was a nice clean first half to the race, then the technique began to suffer as the tiredness hit. On Plough Reach, W2 were forced to overtake a crabbing and very in-the-way Selwyn boat which threw the rhythym off a bit, with stern pair forced to stop rowing, and Paulina forced to take the outside route around Ditton to avoid them. However, the last minute or so really came back together. Very good for only outing three as a crew.

Uploaded Saturday 30th January, 21:24