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Winter Training Camp 2007

Monday 1st - Friday 5th January

Previous event: Fairbairns - Following event: Cambridge Winter Head to Head


A success...

Em McFadden reports:


Our first off-Cam Lents training camp was definitely a success, and we hope to hold future training camps at this time of year away from Cambridge. Without too much effort we managed to find 37 rowers and coxes (ranging from novices who'd only been on the river a handful of times to "the grannies" who've been around since time began), all of whom were enthusiastic enough to brave the weather, sleeping in the boat house and the prospect of Joel's dressing gown reappearing as apr├Ęs-rowing attire.

Unfortunately the weather conditions made the week a lot harder than expected. The stream was amazingly strong and at several points when rowing in pairs/fours I swear we were stationary, if not going backwards! Still, we managed to have at least 3 outings a day in IV's and VIII's, with plenty of constructive coaching from Nick and new assistant-coach Rich Barnwell. We were also able to collect masses of video footage which, as well as helping us work on our technique, provided some rather amusing entertainment. Everyone who came thought the week helped improve their rowing and fitness levels, as well as being great fun :o)

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