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University IVs 2011

Monday 24th - Friday 28th October

Previous event: Cambridge Autumn Head - Following event: Queens' Ergs

1st Men's Coxed IV

Bow: Jonathan Waite, 2: James Marshall, 3: Rob Norton, Stroke: Ali Shawcross, Cox: Steph Mok

Round One: Defeated by Queens' M1

Robert Norton reports:


Not the best race that Clare will see in Uni IVs this year. The start was chunky and we apparently gained on Queens from it, but we completely failed to settle into any rhythm. The race showed up the lack of outings this IV had put together pre race but the commitment was clear in the boat. Every stroke felt like we we're all individually trying to bring back the balance and flow of the boat, but the individual efforts didn't amount to the crew relaxing into the race. For a crew with only two outings under its belt this wasn't to be unexpected but the general feeling after the race was that we had so much more to give, despite giving everything. It'll be a nice change to be back in VIIIs this term, bring on Fairbairns!!!

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1st Men's Coxless IV

Bow: David Hardeman, 2: Dan Weatherill, 3: Dirk Simon, Stroke: Chensong Gao

Semi Finals: Beaten by LMBC

1st Women's Coxed IV

Bow: Becky Fogg, 2: Rachel Boyd, 3: Claire Watkins, Stroke: Clare Thakker, Cox: Esther Momcilovic

Quarter Finals: Beat Trinity Hall easily; Semi Finals: Lost to Downing by a length

Esther Momcilovic reports:


Quarter finals: Beat Trinity Hall easily

Although our start wasn't as neat as it could have been, we settled into a good, strong rhythm. We soon took a seat out of Tit Hall, and a push on the legs put me level with their 3-girl. Another concerted push, and within ten strokes, I was on their bows. As we came into their corner, we held position on the bows, then when we came out straight, we gained clear water. After this, the gap only continued to increase. We were easily 4 lengths clear by the P&E and we settled onto a relaxed but strong rhythm to the finish. Downing tomorrow.

Semi finals: Lost to Downing by a length

At the risk of sounding philosophical, rowing is not always about simply winning or losing, but about how we behave when faced by those scenarios. It would have been very easy to have gone into today's race fully expecting to be dispatched by Downing without a second glance - we knew they were very fast, and we knew that only two weeks ago they had convincingly beaten us in Autumn Head.

But we didn't.

Sitting on that start line, I believed we could win. So did the rest of the crew. Downing pulled away off the start, but we didn't give up. As we came into our corner, a massive push took us back into contact. And we kept moving. And moving. Suddenly, we'd gone from half a length down to only a seat down. Then I was level with their cox. Coming up to the Railway Bridge, they only just had the lead, and their corner took them back out to just over half a length. Over the last part of the race, Downing moved out to clear water. But we still didn't give up. Push after push brought us back to just within contact as we crossed the finish line, with the Downing cox checking over his shoulder ever few strokes.

I was so proud of you girls in that race today. We gave Downing another shock, and have definitely gained speed on them since Autumn Head. But more importantly, today we had that never-say-die attitude that is going to prove so valuable in Bumps next term. Fantastic work - well done!

Edit: Downing beat us by 5s. In the final, they beat Christs' by 18s. Nuff said

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2nd Men's Coxed IV

Bow: Yi Xia/Olivier Grouille, 2: Gauthier Grousset, 3: Sean True, Stroke: Jordan Ward‑Williams/Ali Shawcross, Cox: Rachel Wijsmuller

Quarter Finals: Beat Jesus by 14s, Semi Finals: Lost to Downing by 20s

2nd Women's Coxed IV

Bow: Madzia Kowalski/Katrin Harding, 2: Steph Mok, 3: Jess Denman, Stroke: Marie Yurkovich, Cox: Jamie Klair

Quarter Finals: Beat Lady Margaret W2; Semi Finals: Lost to St Catz W2

Esther Momcilovic reports:


I only saw the end of the first race, but you guys looked strong and confident compared to a defeated Maggie. You should be proud of your race against Catz. You had a strong start, and even had clear water coming up to the railway bridge. Unfortunately, Catz gained the upper hand in the second half of the race, but you never gave up and you never stopped trying. Well done! Let's take this through into the VIIIs work in the rest of term.

Uploaded Wednesday 26th October, 17:21