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Peterborough New Year's Day Regatta 2012

Sunday 1st January

Previous event: Martyn's 100km Charity Erg - Following event: Winter Training Camp

De Burgh BC / Peterborough BC A (Mixed VIII A)

Bow: tbc, 2: tbc, 3: David Hardeman, 4: Georgina Plunkett, 5: tbc, 6: Alice McNamara, 7: Will Kerr‑Muir, Stroke: David O'Brien, Cox: Mike Hook

Some way behind

Alice McNamara reports:


I wrote a race report to be sung to the tune of "Fairytale of New York" but David O'Brien told me no one would get it. So here is the truth in simple prose...

Ben was stroking the other boat. He crabbed and fell off his seat. We still lost. By a minute.

But it was FUN!!!


Uploaded Friday 6th January, 22:05


De Burgh BC / Peterborough BC B (Mixed VIII B)

Bow: tbc, 2: Christina Pettit, 3: Philip Garsed, 4: tbc, 5: tbc, 6: Jess Palmer, 7: tbc, Stroke: Ben Evans, Cox: tbc

Some way ahead

Christina Pettit reports:


Despite general confusion as to when the start was and what the hell we were doing, resulting in something that more closely resembled 8 seperate starts, as soon as we'd got vaguely in sync we put in a pretty aggressive ten or so strokes and began to move through the other eight. Holding a strong if not entirely beautiful rhythm we continued to push through them. And then away from them. And then away some more, despite our strokeman catching a crab and falling off his seat.

Overall a pleasing start to the new year. And I heard the guy coxing the other boat is trialling.

Uploaded Sunday 1st January, 15:38


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