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Radegund Mile 2016

Sunday 17th April

Previous event: Easter Training Camp - Following event: Small Boats Regatta

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Tim Tito Rademacher, 2: Jon Swain, 3: Stephen Kindness, 4: James Henderson, 5: Euan Beck, 6: Ben Evans, 7: Callum McKenzie, Stroke: Riccardo Conci, Cox: Basma Khogeer

Winners (Fastest Men's VIII overall) in 5:12

Callum McKenzie reports:


We had just finished a solid weeks training camp at Marlow and were keen to see how our boat speed compared. We brought the rate up well, hitting 40 on the first few, with the power deep into the water. As we lengthened out the rate came down naturally to 37 for a while then to 34/35 which we maintained for the main part of the race. The boat flowed well up plough reach and going around Ditton was relatively non-dramatic - a few slight wobbles, but nothing major. We then continued down the reach with the power apparent and the boat was feeling nice. Then for about 200-300 metres halfway down the long reach we all synced together into something very beautiful. The power was as committed as before, but with the rudder straight and everyone fine tuning slight aspects, it translated into the water brilliantly and the boat was moving. We continued up through the railway bridge, where technique started to falter slightly, and we upped the rate to 36/37 for the big finale. This felt like an early upping the rate as we had about another 400 m to go, but was ultimately for the best as it meant we pushed ourselves further. The finish was a bit of a blur, but there was a lot of panting come the finish line! All in all, a very solid row, and some areas which we identified on camp where we can improve on. The next fastest boat was 99s IM3 crew, 24 seconds behind, and then joint third, 25 seconds behind us, was our Clare M2 and Fitz M1. To have this margin over a mile long course is encouraging (plus having great depth in the squad with M2 beating the rest of M1 crews), and we are really looking forward to seeing how our speed translates on the Head of the Cam next week when more colleges enter. Cave Adsum.

Uploaded Monday 18th April, 10:21


Photo of the 1st Men's VIII: click to view full size.

2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Gabriel Bliard, 2: Ollie Russell, 3: Fred Benham‑Crosswell, 4: Matt Simpson, 5: Quentin Gouil, 6: Jordan Ward‑Williams, 7: Ben Leitch, Stroke: Adam Harrison, Cox: Clement Chan

3rd overall in 5:37 (Winner of Mays 3rd Division)

Ollie Russell reports:


Everyone had been involved in a wide selection of crews and combinations in Marlow, so we entered this as a scratch VIII, all be it with most of us having been in a very promising outing on the Friday. After a bit of chaos at the boat house with boats just about everywhere, we had a very composed, tidy row up to the start line. We came off the start well and started eating away ground on the Fitz M1 crew in front of us down plough reach. Coming onto the reach we had a few technical falters but recovered well and maintained good boat speed, working into Fitz the whole time. As we came under the railway bridge we looked to take it up for a strong finish, but it's probably fair to say that at this point technique seemed to go a bit out of the window as everyone and this lack of composure probably cost us the 1 second that stopped us from having a Clare 1, 2.

My report may be on the critical end of the spectrum but should not take away from what was a very very promising row. To come back from training camp and put a scratch 2nd VIII out that was only beaten by our own first crew bodes well for the rest of term. All I can say is I'm very disappointed that I'm not going to be around come bumps.

Uploaded Tuesday 19th April, 6:44


Photo of the 2nd Men's VIII: click to view full size.

tbc / tbc (1st Men's Coxless Pair)

Fastest pair in 6:26

Quentin Gouil reports:


For our first competition in a pair, James and I were keen to see what was possible (i.e. not crash). Confidence bolstered by a very smooth second build during the marshalling, we set off from the Clare turf of Grassy corner on a springy rate 38. By the time we reached Ditton corner in a somewhat straight line we were cooked, and from then on every stroke felt like hard work. But cheered on by Tim and still making ground on a Cantabs 8+, we kept at it, avoided banks, and finished in a respectable 6'26". We met our goal, and the paddling before and after the race hinted at a lot more speed. Pairs are fun!

Uploaded Sunday 17th April, 20:54


Ben Leitch / Adam Harrison (2nd Men's Coxless Pair)


Ben Leitch reports:


We were both pretty excited about racing for the first time as a pair but there were initial nerves having capsized the week before on training camp. But we wanted to get an idea of how we'd get on in a pressurised environment so gave it our best shot. Marshalling was a bit chaotic but we maneuvered pretty nicely through and had a good couple of practice bursts. The race itself was actually quite nice but we still need to work on getting balanced pressure on the legs because there were a few times when we needed to apply more/less pressure to avoid crashing into the bank and we ended up zig-zagging a bit. But heading down the Reach felt really strong, keeping a nice rate of 32 throughout and kept on station with King's M1 pair. If it weren't for a bit of dodgy steering 50m from the finish line, where we crashed into a houseboat (lol), we would have placed higher. It was great experience and makes me want to do it again!

Uploaded Tuesday 19th April, 10:16