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Pembroke Regatta 2019

Saturday 16th February

Previous event: Robinson Head - Following event: Winter League 2

2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Patrick Nevill/Henri van Soest, 2: Elliot Lynch, 3: Will Wood, 4: Isaac Lamb, 5: Freddie Bird, 6: Elliot Lynch, 7: Wulf Scouller, Stroke: Sam Chapman, Cox: Jamie Fox

Race 1: beat Robinson M2, QF: beaten by Pembroke M2

Jamie Fox reports:


Will Wood reports:

Due to the ‘unfortunate’ absence of our esteemed 6 seat, Arya, the crew was a hastily-put together team, albeit one with the return of the wayward Patrick Nevill, and a guest appearance from Henri van Soest (both of whom probably made the boat faster anyway) and to both of whom we owe a huge thanks.

The first race began with our boat against Robinson M2, who were hopelessly outmatched as we pulled away almost immediately and only kept increasing the gap between our boats. After a brief pitstop for bananas and strawberry laces we hopped back in our boat and paddled up the reach once again for a duel with Pembroke M2.

Unfortunately our start was a bit sloppier this time, allowing Pembroke to gain a quick margin on us. We held them at about a length for a good while but unfortunately were never able to pull it back. They went on to win the entire regatta, however, so that was a small consolation as we rowed back to the boathouse for a bit of post-race chat and cake.

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3rd Women's VIII

Bow: Helena Taylor, 2: Eloise Trimingham, 3: Eliza Rayner, 4: Magda Przybylak, 5: Paola Velasco, 6: Iona Bhatti, 7: Katie Veitch, Stroke: Hannah Martin, Cox: James Walsh

2nd! Won against Newnham W3 and LMBC W3, beaten by Downing W3 in the final

Hannah Martin reports:


We started Pembroke Regatta against Newnham in our first heat. Our start was rocky, and we lost some time and were chasing for the first half of the race. However, we became more coordinated after the first few strokes and our cox held us on a good line all the way down the Reach. We began to gain on Newnham and were neck and neck as we came under the railway bridge. We pushed ahead and won the race by about half a boat length, then paddled back to start our second race against Lady Margaret Hall. This time our start was cleaner, and we were more together as a crew, staying in time and pushing hard so that we won our second race by a good margin. Feeling exhilarated but tired we headed back up to Grassy Corner to marshal for our final race, this time against Downing. Once again, our start was clean, and the crew rowed well together, giving the last of our strength. Downing began to pull away at halfway down the Reach, and remained about half a boat length in front for the rest of the race. The crew worked really hard and our cox kept us on an excellent line, but unfortunately it wasn’t quite enough and Downing crossed the line first to win the division. We were extremely pleased with our performance as we worked really well together as a crew, and we all enjoyed participating in the Regatta.

Uploaded Sunday 17th February, 20:39