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Henley Qualifiers 2008

Friday 27th June

Previous event: Marlow Regatta - Following event: Rob Roy Small Boats Head

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Philip Garsed, 2: Ed Day, 3: David Hardeman, 4: Ben Evans, 5: Will Kerr‑Muir, 6: Tom Nixon, 7: Chris Baker, Stroke: David O'Brien, Cox: Laura Sutcliffe

Did not qualify; time: 7 mins 28 secs (about 10 secs below qualifying time)

Paddy O'Furniture reports:


Der were tirty tree entrants fram Nartern Oireland and tree handred and tirty tree and a turd fram de Repablic af Oireland. Dis meant dat der was quoite a lat af campetition for playces in de regattar. Oi tink der moight have been tree places eioch.

Apparrently Henley refuses to serve arlcohol to Oirish people loike me so Oi couldn't do de usual pre-rayce preparrrration. Ronarn Keating was starrrrnding next to Steve Redgrave OBE, or is it a MBE or CBE or someting loike dat, and he was singing (dat is, Ronarn Keating was singing, Steve Redgrave warsn't) de toimewarp and mashing to some Abba in de background fram Syphilis Cart.

De wind was bard becarrrse we had a strang carry larrrst noight, de jet propusian doesn't really herrrlp march, especiarrrly when it's in de wrong doirectian. Oi starrped far a Guinness ar seventeen art the starrrt bat the ampoires werrn't too happy about dat. So Oi downded a battle of Ouzo and Baileys mixed tagetha in a foive gallan jerry carrn.

Oi prabably shald tarlk about de race now.

Uploaded Saturday 28th June, 1:23


Will Kerr-Muir reports:


The result was obviously a disappointment, but the row was good - committed and consistent - just not fast enough against stiff competition.

Uploaded Friday 27th June, 23:53


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M1 Qualifying Race

M1 rowing in the Temple Challenge Cup. Footage starts at 3:30