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Easter Term 2019

May Bumps

Day One: Bumped by Maggie (crew)

Champs Eights Head

11th W1 with a time of 5:28 (crew)

City Sprints

We won!! Beat Cantabs in the semi-final and Peterhouse in the final (crew)

Cambridge Spring Head to Head

3rd in the W1 division with a time of 16:01 (crew)

Head of the Cam

3rd Mays W1 in a time of 12:30 (crew)

Lent Term 2019

Lent Bumps

Day 1: Bumped by Emma W1, Day 2: Bumped by FaT W1, Day 3: Controversially rowed-over/got technically bumped by Maggie W1/just missed FaT W1/generally confused, Day 4: Bumped by Pembroke W1 (report, crew)

Cambridge Winter Head to Head

7th student W1 in a time of 16:46 (report, crew)

Winter League 1

Winners (by default) of Women Student 8+ Category in a time of 11min 44sec (crew)

Michaelmas Term 2018


18th W8+ in a time of 17:46 (14th college W1) (report, crew)

Cambridge Winter Head

4th student W1 in a time of 09:54 (report, crew)

Cambridge Autumn Head

3rd college W1 in a time of 11:51.4 (crew)