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Queens 2023

Sunday 5th November

Previous event: University IVs-Following event: Cambridge Winter Head

1st Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Sophie Stephens 2: Elisabeth Rios-Brooks 3: Emily Bradley 4: Lucy Westwood 5: Yasmin Begum 6: Zoe Edwards 7: Mira Lakhani Stroke: Emily Carlton Cox: n/a

Jennifer Weston reports:

This was the first event for the Novice women and having done some extra ergs thanks to all the yellow flags they were feeling prepared. After a quick but technical warm up outside to intimidate the other teams they were ready to race. They had a good start and thanks to some speedy change over tactics were in the top 3 early on, everyone put their all into it as well as into cheering each other on. They finished in a strong time of 18:07.1. We can't wait to see what the rest of term brings when they race on the water!

Uploaded Wednesday 8th November, 21:27

1st Novice Men's VIII

Bow: Lars Rudolph 2: Alexander Evans 3: Theo Lindsay-Smith 4: Tim Sprenger 5: Max Eshelby 6: Alfie Whisker 7: Karam Al-Doori Stroke: Freddie Watkins Cox: Ben Benson


Ben Benson reports:

The race started strong as we got off to a great start, with plenty of crew ergs having helped with erg technique. As the race developed we slowly got overtaken, although managed to gain some places in the final 500m thanks to a crazy 1:33 by Lars. Overall a nice bit of race experience for the crews, and look forward to their next race!

Uploaded Thursday 9th November, 18:23