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Easter Term 2023

May Bumps

2nd Women's VIII at 2: Day 1: Bumped Queens II, Day 2: Rowed over, Day 3: Bumped by Trinity Hall II, Day 4: Bumped by Hughes Hall (report, crew)

May Bumps

Coxing the 4th Men's VIII: Day 1: Bumped by LMBC IV, Day 2: Bumped by Caius IV, Day 3: Bumped by Magdalene IV, Day 4: Bumped by Clare Hall II (crew)

Spring Regatta

2nd Women's VIII at 2: Beat St Edmunds, lost to Hughes Hall (report, crew)

Champs Eights Head

2nd Women's VIII at 2: 3rd fastest in Mays Div 3 in a time of 5:58.9. (crew)

Radegund Mile

2nd Women's VIII at 2: Fastest W2, 2nd fastest college women’s boat and winners of the Mays Div 2 category, with a time of 8:07! (report, crew)

Head of the Cam

1st Women's VIII at 6 (report, crew)

Cambridge Spring Head to Head

2nd Women's VIII at 2: Time of 16:24.6, placing 1st in Mays Div 3+, but on paper 5th in Mays Div 2 having been entered into the wrong division (report, crew)

Lent Term 2023

Pembroke Regatta

Coxing the Mixed VIII A: Beat Pembroke alumni who DNF due to their rudder breaking; lost to Caius alumni who went on to win the division (report, crew)

Cambridge Winter Head to Head

1st Women's VIII at stroke: 10th fastest college W1 in a total time of 17:07.9 (8:19, 8:48.9) (report, crew)